Soup of the day

Small 35 CZK / big 55 CZK



Carpaccio of red beet with light salad of friséeraspberry acetto balsamico and cashew nutsbaguette

119 CZK

Grilled Black Tiger Shrimps on garlic and parsleybutter baguette

219 CZK

Gratinated goat cheese with pine nuts and honey on rucola salad with cherry tomatoesroasted baguette

139 CZK



Green salad of linguee and rucolawith applespearswalnutsprosciutto ham, raspberry balsamicocashew nuts and baguette

169 CZK

Tagliatelle pasta with beetroot juiceCrème fraîche and grilled chicken breast

179 CZK

Confit of goose leg with a variation of cabbage (red and cohlrabi) and potato roll stuffed with greaves

249 CZK

Chicken breast Supreme stuffed with dried tomatoes,served on creamy risotto with parmesan chips

225 CZK

Filleted duck breastwith sauce of Port wineroasted vegetables with honeyroasted potato

269 CZK

Grilled filet of Norwegian Salmon on Rosemary ButterSpinach RatatouilleCream Leek

245 CZK

Grilled Beef Ball Tip steak with chestnut purée and roasted young brussels with baco

249 CZK

X300g aged beef Striploin steak with pickled green pepper sauce and french frie

399 CZK



Almond Créme Brulée

75 CZK

Chocolate cake Nemesis with raspberry sauce

75 CZK

Cheesecake made of white chocolate with cherry sauce

75 CZK

Ball of vanilla ice cream rolled in crushed pistachiosserved in a pool of dark Belgian chocolate

119 CZK



100g Beef tartar  

145 CZK    

     100g Spanish almondsroastedsalted  

 75 CZK

100G selection of cheeses with our bread

65 CZK

100g prosciutto ham with our bread

65 CZK


is fresh cafe-restaurant in the center of Jihlava, where we love good food,

freshly brewed coffee and wine directly from winemakers.

Welcome to laOliva!


It may surprise you, but we do not have regular menu in la Oliva. Every day we prepare delicious fresh food and therefore you can taste every day something new. And who would have missed something so significant as dessert!


Glass of good wine? Our wine cellar is filled with selection of wine we love - small moravian winemakers and interesting wines from around the world. Choose your glass or whole bottle? Freshly roasted coffee is prepared on an Italian machine Faema President from 1950's. Every day we change the origin of coffee beans. So enjoy your espresso!  And what about beer? Our house beer is Lobkowicz lager. But don't expect small selection - we have czech craft beers on the other taps. And sometimes something special from abroad - like Guinness or Maissel's Weisse...




Have you got any questions, wishes, complains?



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